The Story of the Six Little Kids


It was a cold and snowy winter day. In the village, there were 6 kids that were good friends. They went to the same school, and they played all together everyday after school. Their names were Jake, Mary, and Julia (who was Jake's little sister), Max, Emma and Sophie (who was Emma’s little sister). That day, when Sophie came out, she chose her favorite hat to wear. Sophie’s hat was the prettiest hat out of all the six kids. Sophie bragged about how her hat was the prettiest. While they were playing the wind blew harder and harder. However Sophie didn't notice that the wind was blowing harder, and she ran quickly to tag the other kids. As the wind was blowing harder, Sophie's hat flew away with the wind!


“No! My hat..!" Yelled Sophie.


She ran through the wind to chase after her hat. The other five friends followed her. People stared at the six kids running around the street. But they didn't mind how the people were talking about them because they were busy chasing Sophie's hat. They ran until they got to the ice palace mountain.


"YES!" They all shouted.


When Mary caught the hat they crashed all together. BOMP!!!! They all stacked up one on top of the other as they crashed into each other. They looked in front of them. There was a cute and big snowman that was the same height as all the stacked up kids!


"Wow!" Jake yelled.


"What a big snowman!"


But in that moment, the hat slipped out from Mary's hand. "Oh my gosh!" Everyone shouted at once.


“Phew." They said again a second later.


What good luck!


Sophie's hat landed on the cute and big snowman.


"You know, you should keep your hat sitting still on your head." Emma warned Sophie.


“OK, sir!” Shouted Sophie really loudly.


All the six kids fell down.


"Lets go now”. Max said.


"No way. We can decorate the snow man!” Sophie said.


So they decorated the snowman with twigs, dry nuts from the tree, and other things that they could find for the snow man.


"Bye Bye snowman" the six kids shouted when they finished.


They went to their houses and told their families about the fun story of the six little kids. So, what will happen after this?