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Las Vegas


This winter is a time that I'll never forget. Our family visited Las Vegas, a fabulous city in Nevada! I will never forget the sparkling nights of Sin City. Sin City is the other name people call Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has the beauty of diverse characteristics: the old city and the new city. The old city is a place where sleepless nights exist. It's spectacular view keeps people awake. 

Our family saw the Light Show. You can see the Light Show at Fermont Street, which is located in the old city. The exciting music and fantastic screen that plays over your head will make you feel more energetic and enthusiastic. If you're interested, be ready to look up at the screen and dance!

The old city is a city that contains Sin City's history. Since it's located in the lower area, people call it 'Downtown Las Vegas'. Now, shall we move on to the rising, new Sin City?

New Las Vegas, also well-known as ‘The Strip’, is developed more than the old city for tourism. So, hotels are well built. Some of the famous hotels have themes based on different countries. Luxor is a hotel shaped like a Pyramid, Paris is a hotel with an Eiffel Tower, and New York, New York is a hotel with the Statue of Liberty. Out of these hotels, there are a plenty of them that I can mention.

These hotels sometimes open shows for tourists to enjoy. The Bellagio Fountain Show and the Mirage Volcano Show are famous shows among the numerous shows at the strip. 

Our family saw both of these shows, and they were fantastic! The Bellagio Fountain Show was incredible! The fountain danced as the music began. Everyone was amazed by the romantic show. It was a must-see show. Also, the Mirage Volcano Show was awesome. Manmade volcanoes seemed so realistic. Everyone was warmed-up by the end of the show. It was a pleasure for me because I was cold.

Including both parts of the city, Las Vegas is popular because of the casinos. You can see casinos everywhere, including in hotels, malls, etc. If you're a casino lover, you should definitely go to Las Vegas! 


If you're wondering where to go in winter, I recommend Las Vegas for your destination. You will never forget the beautiful nights there.