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Snowman's Winter


In the winter, two men were making snowmen. The two men were named A and B. They made two snowmen named Snow and Man! The two snowmen lived in Africa. They didn’t know that it was summer, because they were inside with air conditioning. The two snowmen went outside to play and have a snowball fight. They were having a lot of fun, but the sun was shining. It was during the summer! It was very hot. The two snowmen quickly disappeared. "But it’s okay," said the men, "Because we have next winter to make new snowmen!"

The men (A and B)  made ice-cream. It was magic ice-cream! The ice-cream became new snowmen! One ice-cream snowman was named Mo, and the other was named Ma. They asked the boys for another magic ice-cream. He bought more magic ice-cream. Then Mo and Ma made a new snowman. 

Africa was turning into a snowman world. The snowmen were happy, but African people were wondering what happened. Then the Koreans said, “Go to Korea!” So, the African people went to Korea. Then everyone was happy!