Last summer, our family went on a trip to Jeju Island. Until the airplane landed at the Jeju International Airport, I was so excited about our vacation. However, the weather when we arrived was extremely hot and muggy, so we decided to go to the hotel and just play there. Actually, this decision turned out to be really fun. After we played hide-and-seek in our room, we ate a huge amount of snacks, and this situation repeated several times.

The next day, we saw a dolphin show that surprised me a lot. Our family can see dolphins so rarely, so I was shocked because of their size and speed. My younger sister had a chance to take a picture with the dolphins, but she was too frightened.

The most impressive experience on our trip was riding horses. When our family goes to Jeju Island, we always ride horses because it's always my favorite part of our tour though I don't know why. The ranch was huge, and there were so many horses. Horses are so tall that when I first sat on their back, I was scared. Although their smell was terrible, they're very nice and they didn't move ferociously, which made me relax.

When I was on Jeju Island it was fun, but sometimes the hot weather put me in an unpleasant mood. However, when I came back to my house after our short trip, I realized that the vacation was a really precious time, and also regretted that I didn't enjoy my trip entirely.