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I went camping with my family this summer. The open sky and the high mountains were greeting us. There were two over hanging trees too.


We set up the tent and the hammock. It was hard work but it was worth it. I lay down on the hammock. It felt like it was about to rip. The hammock also made a swoosh sound as if it was a swing. With the warm sun and the cool breeze I fell asleep.


When I woke up, the sun was sizzling hot, and then my tummy rumbled. That meant it was time for lunch. I went to sit at the picnic table with my family, I found a lot of bugs there already, so I changed my mind and ate in the tent.


After finishing my lunch my sister and I felt like swimming in the lake. Past all the bumpy roads and the hills, there was a turquoise lake so clear and transparent. I could even see my face in it. Splash! I dove into the lake. The lake was so cool and soothing that I could stay in it forever. I swam in the lake with my sister for a while. I thought only an hour had passed. Then I smelled something delicious. My skin was getting wrinkled so I went back to my camp site.


Dinner was already there for me. ‘Already sunset?’ I thought. Then I figured that the smell was dinner tickling my nose. My mother had prepared dinner while we were swimming at the lake. I ate dinner with my family and then helped my dad build a campfire. The fire was blazing hot. The sparks came up with a large pop sound. My sister and I burned some sticks in the fire but I got more tired every minute.


Finally I got so tired that I went straight to the tent. The sleeping bag was so cozy that I fell asleep right away. Then we went home the next day.