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            Once upon a time in a place called Hame, there was a village named Corscot and in that village there was a witch who was kind of fickle. But something about the witch never changed. This was that she liked winter, so the witch wished that she could make a spell to make it winter as much as she wanted to. So she went to the famously known Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


            The witch learned how to make a potion to make the weather change. So she bought the ingredients hocus-crocus, a devil’s horn, and an alligator’s eyebrow. Then the witch said the magic words and flew back to Corscot on her broom. And she turned Hame to winter forever.


            The people in Corscot were so surprised that one person could not shut his mouth so his chin bone fell right out because of his shock. The witch’s daughter named Ert was in second grade and she was training to be an evil witch just like her mother. At that time she only knew how to make a magic apple. Then one day, she looked in her mirror and said, “I love yellow, yellow, yellow and I wish the world was yellow!”


            The witch heard this and made Hame yellow. When the village people saw that Hame was yellow, they thought it was sunshine and that at last it was summer. But after an hour the witch learned that she was mistaken and that Ert did not want Hame to be yellow, but that she was just trying to make a poem for school. But the witch did not know the reverse spell, so she went to Witchvard to learn it. In case you don’t know, Witchvard is Harvard for witches and it was in a hot region of a faraway country.


            The witch studied hard to make the reverse spell, although she hung out a lot with Des, a camel that she had befriended. Soon the witch and Des could trust each other.  One day the witch sat on her bed and thought about her life and about her mistake making Hame yellow. Ert had called her a few minutes before to tell her that the village people knocked down their house, took all their money and food and made Ert go away because they found out the witch had made Hame yellow, but that it was still winter. So Ert was staying with Cruella, her aunt, then the witch knew what she must do. Then she wrote a letter saying "I'm  going to be gone after you read this, take the money and take care of yourself, pour the magic potion on the ground in Hame to turn it back to normal and live peacefully," signed your mother.


            The next day she conquered all teachers and students in Witchvard and then named the land Desert because her best friend’s name was Des and her lovely daughter was named Ert, so she put the two names together and that is why we have a place called the desert. She stayed in the desert with her friend Des for the rest of her life so she would not cause any more problems and everyone in Hame lived happily ever after.