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Teacher: Phoebe




My Winter Story: "Little Red Riding Hood"


My name is Catherine. In winter, I remember the kindergarten talent show. When I was 6 years old, I did the play, “Little Red Riding Hood” with my classmates. In it, I played Little Red Riding Hood, and her grandmother. I want to tell you about "Little Red Riding Hood".


Little Red Riding Hood:


Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Little Red Riding Hood, but everyone called her “Red”. She always wore a pretty red cape. One day, her mother said, "Please go to grandma's house. Take this basket. Go straight there, and don't talk to strangers!”


Suddenly there was a wolf. "Where are you going?" Asked the wolf.


"I'm going to grandma's house.”


"Where does your grandma live?" Asked the wolf.


"She lives at the end of the road." Said Red.


"Hmm. Does she live alone?" Asked the wolf.


"Oh, yes. She is all alone." Said Red.


"Pick some flowers for her. She'll like that." Said the wolf.


"That's a good idea, thank you!” Exclaimed Red.


Red picked flowers by the path. Wolf ran to grandma's house, but she was not at home. He put on grandma's pajamas and cap. He lied down in grandma's bed and waited for Red. Red arrived, but grandma was so different!


"Grandma, your eyes are so big!" Said Red.


"My eyes are big so I can see you well." Said the wolf.


"Grandma, your ears are so big!" Said Red.


"My ears are big so I can hear you well." Said the wolf.


"Grandma, your teeth are so big!" Said Red.


"My teeth are big so I can eat you!" Said the wolf.


The wolf jumped up! He ran toward Red. The wolf had such sharp teeth and claws. Red was so scared. Suddenly, grandma arrived. She grabbed a broom and hit the wolf on the head. The bad wolf was so surprised! He ran away. 


Red never talked to strangers again.