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Hi my name is Rose and I'm in third grade. Every year, our school has a special festival. We have to practice singing or dancing and we perform in front of all of our school’s students and teachers in one day.


This year my class had to perform a famous Philipino stick dance called “tinikling.” The dance started a long time ago in the Philippines and uses sticks that are made from bamboo. My teacher made shirts and she gave them to my class so we performed the tinikling with them on.


Let me explain how to dance the tinikling:


Two people hold two bamboo sticks on either side and on another side people hop inside the sticks.


I was one of the dancers, and I hopped inside when the bamboo sticks were open, and I zigzagged with my feet between the sticks. Two and three people jumped into the bamboo sticks and also made zigzags with their feet.


Different students take turns holding the sticks. But then, we had a disaster! One of my friends, who held the sticks, had a lot of energy and he talked to himself. Then our teacher played the music but he didn't notice, so all of my friends fell over and the sticks hit us so we all got hurt.


For the last part of the tinikling song, we all danced together as a class. And the end of the performance, everyone clapped and some parents took photos and videos.