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Teacher: Emily



            Once upon a time on a beautiful night before Christmas, Santa got a cold because of the very annoying cold monster. The Christmas fairies, Taylor, Justin and Molly sighed because without Santa, it was hard to send the presents all over the world. They checked the long, long present list again and checked how many presents they had to send. There were too many presents to send, so they worried.


            The fairies started to look for Santa’s magical wand. And then, Molly found the magic wand under the cabin, but they didn’t know how to use it. The fairies found a magical book, it was glittering pink. They put the wand over the book, then the book opened up to the page about how to use the wand. They searched for how to make things appear and they started to read the page because they needed to make an enormous present machine that shoots presents up to the sky, so they can go to all the boys and girls for Christmas. The book started to say words, it said, “Say what object you need three times and say ‘abra cadabra’.” The fairies argued because they each wanted to try to do the magic spell. First, Justin tried, but he failed. Next Taylor tried, but she didn’t say ‘abra cadabra’. Last, Molly tried, and she did it correctly, so the ground shook. Then the fairies fell into a huge rainbow swirl on the ground. They shut their eyes because they were scared. Then everything was just like before they fell into the rainbow swirl except the enormous present machine was there. They dumped all of the presents into the enormous present machine, and then Taylor pressed a weird red button. The presents soared into the sky and everyone got their presents. The next day, everyone was happy and Santa felt much better. Santa said, “Thank you” to the fairies and gave presents to each of them for their help. THE END!