Summer is a great time to go travel. I went to the eastern USA and Canada in the summer of 2017. First, we went to New York. We ate Shake Shack burgers. The next day we went to Washington DC. We saw the George Washington Monument and visited the Lincoln Memorial. 


The next day we went to Montreal. This place was famous for lobster, so we ate lobster. It was delicious.
The following day we went to Quebec City. We visited a place from the Korean drama ‘Goblin.’
A day later, we went back to the US. We went to Boston and Harvard University. 
The day after that, we went to Manhattan, New York. We saw The Statue of Liberty and we climbed up the Empire state building and saw the sights of Times Square.
The next day we went back to Korea. It was fun, I want to go there one more time.