One year ago I went to a ski resort with my family. The resort is owned by my father's company so my family gets a discount. There was a water park, movie theater, table tennis court, various restaurants, etc., but we wanted to ski. I didn’t know how to ski at the time, but the skiers who came down the mountainside looked cool. My sister and I wanted to ski so we told our parents. We rented ski equipment and hired a ski teacher. The teacher was a really great skier and she was very kind. 

We skied happily with our teacher. I wasn’t good at skiing at first so I fell down easily but it was really fun. It was thrilling to come down the mountainside quickly. It was a special experience which I hadn’t felt before. I will never forget it.

My sister and I continued skiing after class finished. There were too many people, so we had to wait a long time to get on the ski lift. After coming down the mountainside we had to wait about twenty minutes. We skied until the ski resort closed and continued skiing for the next three days.