Although some people are against public transportation, I think that cities should spend more money to construct public transportation system. I have two reasons to support my claim.


First of all, using public transportation decrease pollutions caused by automobiles. Problems caused by automobiles such are noise pollution, fine dust, and air pollutions can be solved by using public transportation systems. In Seoul, fine dust mostly caused by cars is a major problem nowadays. Thus, riding bus and subway will reduce the number of fine dust. Additionally, public transportation can be a good solution to the scarceness of fuel energy and heavy traffic during rush hours.


Second of all, public transportation systems provide easy and safe access for people without driver’s license to move. Automobiles can be only used for people who are both of a certain age and who have driver’s license, so some people can’t use cars when they need to go somewhere far away. For example, if my city did not have public transportation systems, minors like me would not be able to travel far distance own our own.



To sum up, I am for building public transportations. This is because public transportation system solves pollution problem caused by cars, and people can easily move with the transportation system.