If some tourists wanted to travel to one city in my nation, Korea, I would recommend Seoul, the capital city of Korea. I have two reasons to support my answer.


First of all, since Seoul is capital city of Korea, there are plenty of tourists attractions. There are lots of cosmetic shops, famous Korean food restaurants, bars, and clubs in Seoul, both enjoyable and interesting to tourists. In addition, Seoul has an very well-established programs for tourists, such as the International Bus Tour Program, where both foreign and native tourists can enjoy sightseeing on the bus while listening to the explanation translated into five languages.


Second of all, I believe Seoul is a best city to experience modern Korean custom. Since the traditional Korean custom is very familiar and well-known to both foreigners and Koreans, to experience modern Korean custom by visiting attractions in Seoul will be a new and interesting chance to the tourists. For example, tourist can visit Hong-Dae, a place in Seoul that tourists can visit lots of clubs and fried chicken-beer bar, whereas those are one of the most popular modern Korean custom.


To sum up, I would recommend tourists to visit Seoul to travel in my nation. First, there are lots of programs and shops for travelers, and second, it is best to visit Seoul to fully experience Korean modern culture.