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Teacher: Emily



          It was a hot summer vacation. It was the first day, so I was thinking about the plan for my long rest. Then, I had an idea that could make my vacation fun. It was about making lemonade and selling it. My family helped me to make the lemonade. It was more fun than I planned. We also made a small lemonade company that made a lot of money. Then I was thinking about happy things and got an idea. The idea was to make summer longer than any other season. Then, also my vacation would be longer. I hired an astronaut employee and I gave him a mission to do an impossible thing and move the sun closer to Earth. At first, I thought it was impossible, but he solved it. So I paid him a lot of money. Then, I had more time to rest because summer was longer and we could sell more lemonade because lemonade is better to sell in hot weather. I made a lemonade swimming pool with my leftover money, so we could swim while drinking lemonade. It was a fun summer.


            After a while winter came. That winter had no snow, so I had another idea. A lot of people like winter, so I made the astronaut move the sun further away from Earth. Also, this time I gave him a lot of money. Then we had a lot of snow, but it was too much. So we sold that snow to hot places. Also, I made a ski slope and an ice rink. At last, I made a pool of hot cocoa, like I used the same idea before with the lemonade. Then summer and winter were more fun than before. But there were some problems with the temperature. That was that summer was so hot and winter was so cold. So spring and autumn were shorter than before, so we moved the sun to the right place. Now I think spring and autumn have the best temperature.