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There was a girl who liked ski jumps, her name was Jenny. She did a ski jump, but she fell down. She went into a deep sleep. She woke up on a blue bed in Japan. Jenny was so surprised. She looked to the left, and she was surprised again, because one girl was standing on Jenny's left. Jenny asked, "Who are you?" The girl said, "Who am I? I'm your sister and I think your brain is confused!" Jenny was surprised because an ambulance was coming. Jenny asked the girl, "Did you call this ambulance?" The girl said, "Yes, because your brain is confused." Jenny answered, "I'm okay!" But, the ambulance is already coming now.” Jenny and the girl went to the hospital where they took a picture of Jenny's brain and the doctor said, "It is very critical and I think we should start the operation now." Jenny said, "But I don't have money!" The doctor said, “No, it is so critical! We must start now!" Jenny shouted, "No!" But the doctor started the anesthesia and Jenny went into a deep sleep. Jenny woke up on a yellow airplane. Jenny said “Ha...what happened again…?” One boy said, “We start now! Okay?” Jenny said “What?!” The boy said “Sky diving! 3! 2! 1! Go!” Jenny shouted, “Aaaaaaaaaaaa!” Falling down fast, Jenny blacked out and went into a deep sleep. Jenny woke up in a white bed and said, “What happened again?” She looked to the left, and asked, “Who are you? Wait…sister?” Jenny's real sister answered, “Are you okay? You went into a deep sleep for one hour!” Jenny said, “Really? But it was an interesting dream!” Jenny's sister said “Really? Okay tell me about it.” Jenny told her long and interesting dream story and Jenny's sister thought the story was so cool. “I think it is such a good story and you should use this story to make a book!” Jenny answered, “Really! I like it, because my dream is to be a writer but..is it okay? Jenny's sister said, “Yes! It's such a good story!” They made a book then Jenny became the best writer. The end.