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Teaching at EnglishAloud since Auguest 2019



** Higher Diploma in Education for Seocondary Education, University of Cape Town, South Africa, 1993

** Bachelor of Arts (Geography, Anthropology, African Languages) Rhodes University, South Africa, 1986-1990

** TEFL, Cape Town 2001


Teaching Experience (in brief)


I have a wealth of teaching experience spanning over 27 years. In my 20s, I roamed through Southern Africa teaching primary school in many unorthodox situations. Later, I taught Gr 1 in London before moving to Moscow in Russia to teach English to Russian primary children and adults. On my return, I started a tourist business taking Koreans to the Kruger National Park, and then hitchhiked up Africa. When I returned, we pioneered an incredibly successful school that has continued to flourish. After a few years, I moved to Chile where I taught English to adults before moving down to Patagonia where I taught a child from the time she was 7 until she was 14. Then I moved to Angola where I worked at an International School teaching English.


A bit about me


I am an independent person who has travelled and read extensively. I love languages and speak English, Afrikaans, Spanish and Portuguese. I love all kinds of sport but at the moment, my main passions are kitesurfing and rock climbing. I have many interests and passions and at the moment, am learning to weld, use an angle grinder and grow a commercially viable vegetable garden. I love the magical world of animals and plants.