Katherine's Board 


Teaching at English Aloud since March 2012

Living in Louisiana, USA


A bit about me and the teaching style which I aim to achieve:


       I thoroughly enjoy working with people and strongly believe that the learning experience should be engaging, challenging, and fun! Classes must be enjoyable in order for students to look forward to class and feel motivated to progress. It is for this reason that I take my students interests and hobbies into account when planning my lessons; working with a variety of media (photos, stories, magazines, films) in order to stimulate conversation. Ultimately, it is my job to make my students enthusiastic about learning English. 


       As for me, I am a voracious reader and impassioned writer. I also spend my time as an Irish Dancer, scuba diver, rower, and amateur spelunker. I have been fortunate enough to indulge my fervor for travel, having visited 25 countries in the last four years. Don't be fooled by my adventurous hobbies, however, as I am just as likely to be found in front of a good film with a slice of pizza. I am currently attempting to learn French, and as a student myself I am well aware of the trials and tribulations of learning a foreign language!




UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, The UK,  2010 - 2011

Degree of Master of Sciences in the Department of Geography and the Environment in Biodiversity conservation and Management



Degree of Master of Arts in the College of Humanities and Social Science with Second Class Honors (Division One) in Sociology and Social Anthropology




LUPUS LAETUS - Toropets district, Russia- July- August 2011.  5 weeks assisting the NGO with the collection of data on species location and population


WWF HEART OF BORNEO - Kalimantan, Indonesia - January-May 2010 Transboundry Wildlife Conservation Initiative •  Providing anthropological support for a program in the forests interior which collected data from indigenous Dayak tribes to better understand their relationship with the forest


RYAN SCHOOL OF IRISH DANCE - Lafayette Louisiana, USA- 2008-2010 • Beginner’s dance instructor for children between the ages of 5 and 12


ENTOMOLOCIAL SPECIES COLLECTION AND REARING – USA- 2008-2010 • Catching and rearing various species of insects for the Audubon Insectarium in New Orleans and the Living Collections Insect Zoo Natural History Museum of Los Angeles


TIMES OF ACADIANA - Lafayette Louisiana, USA- 2008 Weekly Newspaper • One of four major journalists, I was responsible for sourcing, investigating, and writing, as well as contributions to layout, editing, design and overall theme


STUDENT – Edinburgh, Scotland UK- 2007 Student newspaper for the University of Edinburgh Writer and contributor to design